Adult Naughty Waffles

Refund & Cancelation Policy

Refund & Cancelation Policy

We cannot cancel,  refund, or give store credit if you change your mind or mistakenly order an item after the order is prepared. We cannot provide any refund or store credit for non-food items or beverages.

We scheduled our drivers with a bit of room to spare, unfortunately unforeseen events may occur to prevent us from reaching you on time. Late orders upon request will be credited delivery fee only.

Cancelation Policy – Catering/Local Delivery

We cater last minute requests to meticulously planned menus. We do appreciate a 24-hour notice which will help ensure our ability to serve all our customers. Catering may be cancelled by 3:30pm the business day prior to the event at no charge, day of will be charged 75% of the entire event including delivery. Same day orders are considered asap and cannot be canceled once placed.